Some months ag0 four Christian workers  were kidnapped in Iraq. One was killed, the other three,  including the Canadian, Don Loney, were released.  The trial for murder is now beginning.  The three witnesses have refused  to tesify about anything relating to murder although they will testify to other matters.  All three areopposed to capital punishment.The courts ae trying to force them to testify. What is their duty? 



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    Barbara Says:

    I would think that they would testify in the manner of hostile witnesses, i.e. testify only to what they have actually witnessed in the narrowest of senses. I don’t believe they witnessed the murder of the fourth Christian captive.
    Can they, in fact, be forced to testify in a foreign court? What will Canada do to protect Mr. Loney?

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    Hamilton’s Bishop Bergie is ranting against Jim Loney’s rantings against the church. The Bishop will not be supporting some ecumenical goings on because the limpwrist is knocking the church. First of all, all he has to do is don’t go back to Iraq. The other former captives (Quakers) feel that the captors should be forgiven. The fact that they are opposed to capital punishment has no place in a court of law. In any event, as witnesses they cannot be extradited to a war zone. He could volunteer to make a statement in writing, in Canada, to the extent that it wouldn’t shake his religious beliefs. In the meantime the Bishop will be building a cross on which to nail Loney,as if Loney hasn’t seen enough.

  3. 3
    100 Words Says:

    According to their belief, their duty is to God. And since God presumably doesn’t endorse the death penalty, they are right NOT to testify.

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    Test Says:



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    Hello Neil , The Citizens of Herouxville, Quebec, Canada, Thank you for posting our story on your website.
    We would like to invite you to our new Official English Language weblog.

    Canada was founded by First Nations, who generously welcomed immigrants like us and kept us from starving in the wilderness and kept us warm in brutual winters, until we got on our feet. The Majority of New World Canadian Settlers were grateful to First Nations, tragically some take advantage of them right to this day and that is something that must be rightly rectified. Though Canadians are not perfect as an original Judeo-Christian society, our way of life as a country we call Canada has worked well for Canadians for many peaceful centuries and if some of your readers bothered to watch or read the news in this war torn world instead of mind numbing Reality Shows, they would see the world situation in the news of the past few decades,including again a recent killing by a husband in British Columbia of ethnic Canadian women,who are beloved Canadian Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Wives and Sisters of many Indo Canadian Families that number a few murdered women each year devastating their immediate families. It has gotten so frequent in the Canada (a few a year) that Town Hall meetings in British Columbia were held by various Womens Groups to try and stop this from happening.(Go to google and look for yourself the number of murdered women of ethnic backgrounds in Canada each year, it is a travesty and yet not widely reported outside some provinces)We certainly do not imply all men of these cultures are like this, but some certainly make it hard for the rest on their Culture. Herouxville feel we had to spell it out in our Town Charter (Though all know it is against the law in Canada,it is just some cultures feel their law from their country of origin takes precedence over Canadian Laws when they choose this country as their home. Herouxville know we are correct in stating and maintaining our way of life,protecting women of all cultures who should not be afraid to speak their mind as in Herouxville. Your relifion is your religion, we are certainly not trying to convert you, just live as assimilated Canadians and become welcomed and valued members of our community. We welcome all walks of life, we have to advise them, of our way of life, and to please do not try to change it. It is who we are.
    We would be pleased if your readers left a comment, whether for or against as that is their democratic right as Citizens , please feel free to pass along our weblog address to your readers. We think it important your readers know what we have to say from our mouths instead of second hand through other less reliable outlets. Some media grandstanding Politicians feel Diversity is some kind of University in Canada and Politicians strive to get a Phd in it, at the endless expense of using Canadians tax dollars to attain it.

    Warmest Regards
    Barry O’Regan(Authour) written with permission on behalf of Mr. Andre Drouin (Herouxville Town Councillor)the Mayor Mr. Martin Perigny and the Citizens of Herouxville, Quebec, Canada

    Municipalité d’Hérouxville
    1060 Rang Saint-Pierre,
    Hérouxville (Québec) G0X 1J0

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