This Sunday the  bishops of Ireland ar writing a letter to their flock urging them to cut down or cut out drinking alcohol. 

 Would you say the message in this letter is loaded with hope or despair?   



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    Frankly, it sounds to me like a wise and healthful suggestion for anyone. Alcohol in moderation is a blessing, in excess a poison. Then again, I have not a drop of Irish blood in me — Deo gratias!

  2. 2
    Cate McB Says:

    Well now, my militant Irish Protestant background drilled into me the usual ‘No smoking, no drinking, no dancing, no card playing’ and it was serious stuff. Certainly too serious for my liking and about as moderate as Ian Paisley! So, is it hope or despair on the part of the Irish bishops? Probably a mixed bag in an Irish kind’o’way and for that, God bless them & their flock!

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    There is a strange phenomena in the Catholic clergy ranks. I’ve noticed that when a bishop is a priest he has one chin, as a bishop he feeds 3 chins with a reduction to 2 then 1 chin again when the red hat is signalling future potential. I would not take counsel from a clergyman who is visibly demonstrating that he is under the mark of one of the deadly sins namely gluttony.In all the years I’ve been around this orb I have never met an alcoholic who has successfully cut back on their drinking. They must put the plug in the jug and get help.

  4. 4
    alien Says:

    All drinkers, social or heavy will hate me for saying this, but alcohol is the devils’ blood. The more you take, the more the devil takes control over you. When I was 20, Molson Export was great, When I was 25, it was getting old. When I was 30, I looked at my drunk friends and didn’t like what I saw and could see myself in them. Now 27 years later without a drop of alcohol, I am happy. Too many lives have been affected negatively by this drug, I think the bishops are just trying to get people back to a normal christian life. I hope it works for all those who abuse any drug. Do I believe it will…no.

  5. 5
    alien Says:

    oops. 17 years later, ha. not 27

  6. 6
    SUZANNE Says:

    I think life is better without alcohol. Too much is made of it. I think it’s ridiculous that 14-year-old kids love nothing better than to get drunk. The whole « alcohol » culture in the west is sick. Nothing wrong with having a beer, it’s just that a beer is not just a beer in this day and age.

  7. 7
    100 Words Says:

    Problem with abstinence is that it makes the heart grow fonder. So you give up for a while, and then return to the fray with renewed vigour.

  8. 8

    Nice blog!

  9. 9
    Livette Says:

    Nice blog!

  10. 10

    It’s a wonderful thing when we can get high, just livin’!

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