Imagine an alien living on a planet a million miles from us.  The alien (let’s call him Danny) has made a big decision.  He’s decided he wants to get out of there and make his home on earth.  Danny has 360 degree vision and he can see and study all the countries on our planet.  Now all he has to do is decide on one of them.
      What would you bet that he won’t choose Canada?  As he studies this dominion from sea to sea he will see that we are relatively secure (compared to England and the States);  that (except for patches in the Maritimes) our economy is booming;  that we welcome immigrants; that our cultural scene –  films, books, theatre – is vibrant;  that we approve same sex marriage; that we have thousands of small groups searching for a deeper spirituality.
     Yes, I think Danny would choose Canada.  We have been blessed by God.
     Happy Canada Day.


  1. 1
    Cate McB Says:

    Happy Canada to all from the nation’s capital!

    For the first time since coming to Ottawa three years ago, I with three friends, joined the sea of humanity downtown strolling freely (more or less) on the grounds of the Parliament buildings, watching and listening to various forms of entertainment, eating ice cream under the sun, and enjoying the simple pleasure of an excellent vendor’s hot dog. The sky was blue, almost everyone was wearing red, flags were flying everywhere, the Mounties were out being photographed, and I thanked God yet again for the all the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Cate McB

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    If I am not mistaken, Danny moved in next door. 😦

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