This fall the Quebec government will intoduce a law to ban the use of hand-held cell phones by motorists. 

It’s about time.  On average in the province, two people die a day from road accidents.  How many times have you seen a woman driver swing around a sharp corner all the while talking avidly on her cell phone?  Or a man driver yacking to his broker or his mistress, one hand on the wheel, the other on his cell phone.

My only disappointment is that the government does not plan to ban the use of all cell phones in a moving car.  Is it more important to call you broker or to save a life?

P.S. Apropos of yesterday’s comment.  The judge in the sexual assault case of Private Boulet sentenced the soldier to 15 months to be served in the community.  This means Broulet will have a criminal record and will almost certainly receive a dishonourable discharge from the army.



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    Society does indeed need to focus and to simplify. Singletasking is an idea whose time has come (back!).

  2. 2
    Jim Says:

    France has about a 20% lower rate of road deaths than Quebec. France has a
    130km/h speed limit compared to Quebec’s 100km/h. Does that mean greater concentration is required in France when driving,ergo fewer accidents? Also,as they get to their destination sooner, an interim phone call is not required. Also, Quebec should raise the speed limit to 120km/h which is what drivers are into anyway. Jim

  3. 3

    120km/h speed limit. Right on!


  4. 4
    Barbara Says:

    If you are not focussed on your driving, even a speed limit of 50 km/h would not eliminate accidents. They are two different issues.

  5. 5
    Jason Piercy Says:

    Thanks Barbara, single tasking is a indeed a skill which needs to be revived. As a therapist (retired) many of the people I saw were having problems because they were not paying attention to what they were doing. Getting them to slow down and look at what was going on was often all it took for progress.

    Back to the issue of drivers, I cannot tell you the number of times I have almost been hit riding my bike by motorist will cellphones, who then honk at me, for being in there way, even though I have the right of way.

    I remember on experience where I was helping someone unload some equipment. He was turning a big truck onto a street and moved into the oncoming lanes area. At the same time he was talking on the cell phone and trying to light a cigarette. (I never rode with him again)

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