Be sure to look at Aislin’s cartoon in the Gazette this morning.

Did you know that Canadians use marijuana at four times the world average, the highest rate in the industrialize world?  And did you know that the number of Canadians charged with marijuana possession has now climbed to 25,000 annually?

         These cases clog the courts and saddle many young Canadians with a criminal record?  Surely there must be a better way to deal with this problem – if indeed it is a problem.  Many years ago I smoked marijuana upwards of a dozen times.  The last time was at the old Forum during a Frank Sinatra concert.   My recollection is that smoking a toke induced a feeling somewhere between taking a vallium and drinking champagne – a pleasant buzz.  Certainly it did not lead me to harder drugs.  What is your own experience with marijuana?

       Some years ago the Chretien government proposed that having less than 15 grams of marijuana  would become a non-criminal offense.  The proposal never became law. But in the current circumstances, it’s difficult to understand why possession of marijuana for personal use still remains a criminal offense.  I would not only de-criminalize the personal use of small amounts of marijuana, I would legalize such a practise, the same way alchohol is legalized.  What about you?


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    Barbara Says:

    I have no personal experience with marijuana. I try to keep mind-altering chemicals to an absolute minimum. I can’t afford to lose what intelligence I have left!
    However, I think it would be a great idea to legalize weed so those zoned out folks can pay some taxes on my behalf.

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