Isn’t it remarkable that a candidate’s religious faith has come so strongly to the fore this early in the American presidential campaign?

Then perhaps it’s not so surprising.  No fewer than 85 per cent of Americans claim they are Christians.  So the candidates are jumping over each other to declare their personal religious beliefs.

       Hilary Clinton comes from a Methodist background.  She’s talked of her prayer life and her bible reading.  Unfortunately a large number of the voters don’t think she’s sincere.  Mitt Romney comes from a Mormon background and says he worships the Lord Jesus Christ as his saviour.  Most voters believe him but they don’t think Mormonism is a Christian religion.

        Rudy Guliani claims to be a Catholic.  But he’s on his third marriage (his children don’t speak to him) and he’s pro choice.  Certainly evangelical Protestants don’t support him.  They are waiting for Fred Thompson to throw his hat in the ring.  Senator Obama never misses an opportunity to trumpet his Christian faith.

     Does a candidate’s religious faith influence whether or not you would vote for him or her”

     If a candidate was an avowed atheist but clearly competent and able could you vote for him or her?

     In our own country from the time of Pierre Trudeau in 1968 until Stephen Harper in 2005, there were five consecutive Roman Catholic prime ministers (except for a few months of Kim Campbell.)  They included Trudeau, Joe Clark, John Turner, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. 

      Do you think their religious faith made any difference to the way Canada was governed? 



  1. 1
    SUZANNE Says:

    I would vote for a pro-life atheist. It’s not their personal theology that matters to me, so much as whether they hold positions I favour.

    Their faith mattered, precisely because they were liberal Catholics with liberal views. Obviously, it made a huge impact. I’m not so sure Mulroney was a church-going Catholic, though. He never claimed to be a “good” Catholic, whereas Martin and Chretien did, which is what made so many orthodox Catholics mad.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    Being incapable of reading anyone else’s soul, the workings of their conscience, I would vote for anyone who stood up for the marginal in a society, whose actions in support of the poor, of immigrants, of women — especially those left to bring up children on their own, and who was inclusive rather than excluding certain categories of citizens, who respected the law and common values of the citizens. I believe, if you support people in obtaining a decent life, you will de facto reduce any alleged need for abortions.

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