Here I am safe and sound after a glorious week in Maine.

We crossed the border at Stanstead without incident either way.  Going through American customs on the way over, the chap asked to look at our trunk which he did cursorily, then waved us on our way.  On the way back into Canada, a smiling young woman asked us a couple of questions and speeded us on our way.  My understanding is that the next time we see her she will be armed.  Does the fact that Canada’s  border personnell will be armed make you feel any safer of less safe?  Imagine a shootout involving the car ahead of you.

      Also recently a female judge in British Columbia ruled that border guards will henceforth require a warrant from a judge to seafch your car. Of course the government is appealing this ruling.  Does the policy a border gaurd needs to get a warrant to search your car make you feel safe or less safe?

     What is your own experience crossing the Canada=U.S. border or any other?  


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    Barbara Says:

    The police officer who pulls your car aside to ask you questions is also wearing a gun. If they use it, they must give strict account. I am assuming the same degree of cirumspection will be expected of armed border guards.
    I have had my car inspected numerous times coming back into Canada and entering the USA and I usually travel alone and am not particulary suspicious-looking.
    I have had two most unpleasant crossings into Canada. In one case, it was on New Year’s Eve and the border guards burst balloons just behind my ear. My heart was in my mouth and I did not consider it amusing. The other time, I was picking up a friend in Plattsburgh because it saved him money for the bus ticket. We were interrogated for half an hour for no apparent reason.
    To be fair, a LONG TIME AGO, I was chatted up by the US border guard who seemed interested in visiting me in Montreal. That was annoying.
    Maybe they can be about more serious business now on the border.
    Welcome home, Neil and Catherine!

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