A new British film « The Great Global Warming Swindle » (not yet in Canada), goes head to head with Al Gore’s « An Inconvenient Truth », and advances the theory that scientists, politicians and the media have conspired to scare people into believing that humans are causing climate change.  The film’s producer, Martin Durkin, argues that carbon dioxide does not drive climate change since it has not done so in the past.  He also argues that climate researchers manipulated their findings to secure more funding. 

         Have you seen Gore’s film?  What did you think? 

         Is the whole muss and fuss about climate change the result of a vast left wing conspiracy?  Or are we heading toward a hot Armageddon?



  1. 1

    I tend to agree with this idea. For apparently millions of years the earth has been around and ever changing. Sometimes it’s unbearably cold, other times sweltering hot. Continents shift and poles move. There was a time where the earth was known to be mostly frozen, is it not possible that there can be a time where it’s just the opposite of that? We haven’t been here forever, and history certainly hasn’t been recorded forever, so who’s to say this isn’t just another one of the changes earth is undertaking and we happen to be here for it. El Nino, global warming, an increase in violent storms/natural phenomina are all things that are very possibly just natural that a few people in high places are over reacting to and causing a small panic in the general public. I’m much more concerned with nuclear weapons killing me than the ice caps melting.

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    Barbara Says:

    Wishful thinking, I am afraid. Think some instead of the global sociological, economic and political consequences of climate change.

  3. 3
    Jason Piercy Says:

    Global Warming is for real, it is caused by carbon dioxide and has been caused in the past by carbon dioxide released by massive volcanic eruptions.

    The Global Corporations, rather than searching out and using existing technology to decrease these emissions want to maximize the ultimate dollar out of the environment and the Earth be damned. Profit NOW rules.

    I did see Inconvenient Truth and found it very factual. It was moving not in that I learned anything new. Put together, however, it gives a powerful overall picture. One tends to forget the overall picture because we get the information in bits and pieces and fail to connect the dots.

    I remember studying this in the 70’s when I received a degree in Environmental Science. At that point, it was called the greenhouse effect and the data was sufficient at that time to tell us what and how this effect was happening. Thirty five years later there is just more information.

    I do not doubt that there is a movie trying to debunk An Inconvenient Truth. This is a common tactic of the corporate world and agencies exist just to attach and trivialize influential
    people who wish to make a positive change in society.

    Remember the tobacco companies efforts to block controls on their advertising, Cancer is a serious problem and more studies need to be done on this. Is this any Different from Exxon Mobiles add on the Editorial Page of the New York Times that said, Global Warming is a serious problem and more study needs to be done on this issue?

    You can put you head in the sand but the avalanche is still going to hit you.

    The Bible states (King James Version) that God gave mankind the earth the Dress, Till and Keep not to Dress, Kill and Eat.

  4. 4
    bernie12 Says:

    I haven’t seen Al Gore’s film but have read a lot on this topic of global warming . I disagree completely with the view of this British film . The multinationals are driven by greed and lust for profits . The toll on the environment by exploiting the Alberta tarsands is just one of countless examples of how we are destroying the environment on a scale never witnessed by past generations .

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