Pierre Trudeau has topped the list of 10 « worst Canadians in an online survey conducted by Canada’s top history magazine, The Beaver.

      Others who made the list include Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Celine Dion, killers Karla Homolka, Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olson, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Stephen Harper and Conrad Black.

      Perhaps Trudeau is on the list because he is the only prime minister most Canadians remember.  I spent last week in Maine and any discussion of Canadian politics by Americans raised Trudeau’s name.

     Trudeau was the architect of multiculturalism, official bilingualism and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  I attended his funeral at Notre Dame Basilica in 2000. His death provoked a national outpouring of grief.  All along the route of his funeral train from Ottawa to Montreal Canadians stood and applauded.

     I would not rate Pierre Trudeau our greatest prime minister.  My choice for that hnour would be Mackenzie King.  But to argue that Trudea is one of our worst Canadians is rubbish.

    Somewhere on my list of worst Canadians would be Jaques Parizeau and Don Cherry, the CBC’s resident racist.

     Who would be on yours? 




  1. 1
    SUZANNE Says:

    I voted for Trudeau and Morgentaler, but if fetal rights weren’t such a priority for me, yeah Quebec separatists like Jacques Parizeau would be one. Maybe Pierre Falardeau. Or Raymond Villeneuve and the other FLQ separatists– the cell that killed James Cross.

  2. 2
    David Says:

    I agree that Pierre Trudeau should not be the worst Canadian he is the most remember. He stood up and told it like it was, he call an ashole an ashole. If he gave you the western salute it was because the west was and ashole. If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, but if you don’t scratch my back I’ll scratch you face!

    Other notables are « Just watch me »

    I don’t believe Tommy Douglas was that great a leader either. Universal Medicare was a liberal idea that Douglas stole. CCF party said the province cannot afford universal Medicare, so they were voted in to stop it. So what do they do when voted in they introduce universal Medicare and take all the glory.
    Universal medicare was a liberal idea that Douglas stole. CCF party said the province cannot afford universal medicare, so they were voted in to stop it. So what do they do when voted in they introduce universal medicare and take all the glory.

  3. 3
    Nick Schnitzer Says:

    Jacques would certainly be on my list, but Conrad Black would be at the top of the list; but thanks to « Jean » Conrad is no longer Canadian!!!!

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    The survey is flawed as reported by Beaver Magazine. Beaver’s chosen history group of ten came up with the following:
    Adrien Arcand – Nazi
    John Diefenbaker – Not only destroyed our political institutions
    but in a fit of madness destroyed all
    copies of the Avro Arrow one of the finest fighters ever built.
    Inouye Kanao – Canadian born Japanese
    who as a guard at a prisoner of war camp in Japan took it out on Canadian prisoners.Japanese Government after the war wouldn’t charge him because he was a Canadian. Was sent back to Canada and we hanged him.
    Joseph Trutch – Commissioner in B.C. who shafted the First Nation to no end.
    John Reiffenstein – The coward who caused the death of Tecumseh.
    Sam Hughes – Anti everything and bungler.
    John A Macdonald- Oppressor to the
    Max Aiken (Lord Beaverstool) Everything he was ever involved with
    has practically vanished.
    Edward Farrer – Jaded journalist.
    Tried to sell Canada to the US.
    Duncan Scott – Indian turned white racist. Tried to wipe out the First
    Nations thru assimilation.
    Trudeau didn’t make the list. Jim

  5. 5
    Barbara Says:

    What kind of a bunch of turkeys names their journal « The Beaver »?

  6. 6
    Oscar Says:

    I would have to include Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau. They are, in my opinion, the ultimate traitors. I remember as a kid in 1979 the first Quebec referendum and I suspect if Quebec had separated then, they would probably be back in Canada by now. I personally liked PET. He reformed some of the immigration laws which made it possible for my father to come to Canada and for that I am grateful, but that’s just my opinion.

  7. 7

    Glad to have your opinion, Oscar

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