Today Senator Barack Obama made a remarkable foreign policy speech before the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.

The Senator said he would send American troops into Pakistan even without the permission of President Musharraf.

« There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3000 Americans….

 If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will. »

It seems to me this is a highly questionable policy.  There is no guarantee that an American military incursion into Pakistan would catch many or any terrorists.  But  such action will almost certainly destabilize Pakistan and lead to the replacement of Musharraf by a rigid Islamist leader.  Musharraf is not perfect but he far and away our best ally in the region.

It also seems to me that this is another example of what Hillary Clinton calls Obama’s  « irresponsibilty and naivety. »

Today’s speech raises serious questions about whether Obama is ready to be president and commander-in-chief.  Do you agree?



  1. 1
    Nick Schnitzer Says:

    I can appreciate the Senator’s need to demostrate a change in direction and policy but Hilary may be right. Solving the problem in Pakistan is desirable and necessary but requires skill and more than military might. Our world has experienced enough military action recently. If we are seeking change, it should include stategy. How can we diplomatically solve the problem ?

  2. 2
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    At this point, the US has enough to deal with besides invading yet another country. They should resolve the problems they are involved in in Iraq and Afghanistan first, then look at chasing down the terrorists elsewhere.
    And creating a situation where another fundamentalist Islamic leader is not what that region needs if it is looking for stability.

  3. 3
    Jason Piercy Says:

    If you believe that going after the Taliban and Al Quaida is important then you should take the fight to where they are. It is well know that the Taliban and Al Quaida leadership has been hiding out in Pakistan for some time. Obama is neither irresponsible or naive. In fact he is the only one of these characters to speak forcefully against going to war in Iraq. He was right, he is probably right now.

    My concern is that the powers that be support a military dictatorship rather than those wanting a free and open government there.

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