Some years ago, Brian Mulroney received $300,000 in cash from a German arms dealer named Schreiber who was a central figure in the Airbus affair.  The money was handed over in three hotel rooms in New York and Montreal.  Mr. Mulroney claimed he was given the money to help Mr. Schreiber establish a light-armoured vehicle factory for a European company and also to help promote Mr. Schreiber’s pasta business.

       Subsequently Mulroney and Schreiber fell out.  Schreiber claimed Mulroney had not kept his part of the bargain and sued him for the $300,000 plus interest.  Last week an Ontario judge ordered Mulroney to pay Schreiber $470,000.  Two days later another Ontario judge quashed the first order.

       The whole transaction stinks to high heaven.  For example, did Mulroney pay tax on the $300,000?  Yet Mr. Mulroney and his lawyers argue there should be no suspicion, no questions need be asked and they blame the media for showing an interest in the affair.

         Surely Mulroney must realize that if you choose to hide, people will assume you’re hiding for a reason.  It seems to me it would be far better for everyone concenred – including Mulroney – if he came clean.



  1. 1
    Oscar Says:

    Just wondering, how do you make huge cash deposits at the bank without filling out various forms? Did he declare and pay taxes on the $300 000? Why isn’t the RCMP investigating? They’re quick to offer a settlement but slow to investigate. Mulroney should be charged with perjury. I guess there’s two sets of laws. One for the rich and powerful and one for peons like me.

  2. 2

    I expect you are right, Oscar, about two-tier justice. The Income tax people won’t reveal whether or not he paid taxes on the three hundred grand.

    How do I get hooked up with your blog?

  3. 3
    Oscar Says:

    Hi Neil,

    I don’t have a blog. I just visit various sites to keep myself entertained. Thanks for asking and God bless.

  4. 4
    bernie12 Says:

    I see a lot of similarity between Mulroney and Conrad Black . They are both greedy men and seem to have a great lust for power and control . Black is on the verge of jail time and Mulroney , by his dealings , seem also to be on the verge of the same .

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