A new national Gallup poll, just out, shows Senator Hillary Roddam Clinton pulling away from her Democratic presidential contenders. The Senator from New York is now leading her closest rival, Senator Barack Obama, by 22 points (48 to 26).

Of course, it should be remembered that this is a national poll. The polls in the critical primaries like Iowa and New Hampshire show a much closer race with Hillary at or near the top in both states.

There is more good news for Hillary in a recent poll in the New York Times. Eighty per cent of the respondents thought Hillary would win the Democratic nomination, 60 per cent thought she would win the White House. Her strongest support is among women. Only 28 per cent of women said no matter what the circumstances they would never vote for her. That figure rose to 40 per cent among men. She garners 55 per cent of the large Latino vote.

Of course, Hillary’s negatives are high. She is considered cold, arrogant, power-hungry and she bears grudges. But she is working on these. Which is perhaps why she said in a debate yesterday in Chicago, « if you want a winner I’m your girl. »

I t would seem Hillary’s victory train is leaving the station and those who want to be aboard should move now.

Do you think Hillary will win the Democratic nomination?

Do you think she will win the race for the White house against (the probable Republican candidate) Rudy Guiliani?

Would you be pleased if Hillary broke through the last glass ceiling and became the first female president of the United States?



  1. 1
    Michael Says:

    She’s definitely the front runner for the nomination. It’s the general that scares me. Have you seen head-to-head polls?

    I blogged about them here.


  2. 2

    Thanks, Michael, for the dope on the polls. I still think Hillary will be fine in the general. She is the best organized, the best funded and the most experienced. I expect she will be choose Obama or Bill Richardson (my preference) for her running mate. In either case it will be a killer ticket.

    I expect Guliani will crash and burn during the general. (I don’t think Thompson will ever get off the ground). Guliani’s alley cat personal morals will not fly with either party.

    I am hoping to extend my blog. How do I get hooked up with and Eric?

  3. 3

    I meant to say with you and Eric.

  4. 4
    Michael Says:

    I hope you’re right. If Hillary does end up with the nomination, I will support her.

    You can probably get in touch with Eric through his blog. I think he’s actually looking for some link exchanges.


  5. 5
    jim Says:

    You say that you expect Giuliani will crash and burn and so he should. This yoyo has a mean streak in him that you won’t believe.At one time he tried to take credit for the reduction in crime in NYC when it was really Mayor Dinkins who started it all. What RG did was to arrest turnstile jumpers, graffitti artists and squeegee people.It has been noted that crime stats are based on the FBI Crime Index. It was alleged that some crimes were shifted to categories that the FBI does not report. By the way this whole article is alleged. RG built the Emergency Response Centre. Now you would think most people would have put the Centre in a safe place such as under Central Park. But no he put it into the World Tower, a prime target for terrorists. Sure enough 9/11 happened and it couldn’t be used as the tower collapsed and buried it. They called him a hero for doing what? He walked around town with a handkie over his nose but not over his face,you know. There isn’t enough space in this blog to write about all his indescretions, so I will list them staccato style.His father was a mafia member (I mention this because the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree). RG clerked for judge MacMahon. He made sure JG was not called up for military duty even thought he was classied 1-A.RG testified in a case that political repression did not exist in Haiti under Papa Doc. He arrested many high profile people and then dropped the cases after the media left town.Remember « Boesky »(investments)?
    RG allowed him to dump all his investments at a profit before he indicted him.He appointed Harding (one time mentor) to Housing.Later Harding pleaded guilty to fraud.Cops found child porn in his residence.RG was also palsy walsy with a paedophile priest. RG appointed a detective to become Police Commissioner.Keric was later charged with corruption and sexual
    harrasement. JG cut the education funds by 6 billion dollars. And yes public test scores fell.If you read RG’s bio you won’t find his children mentioned.The NYC Firefighters turned against him.RG has earned millions of dollars from the chewing tobacco people.He received his divorce from Peruggi because he discovered after a decade that she was his second cousin and not third cousin.Brodeur (author) called him a perverted little creep.Koch former Mayor called him a nasty little man.
    The primaries will show us how many dolts will have voted for him. Jim

  6. 6


    This is the most interesting indictment of Rudy Guiliani that I have ever seen.

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