An international network of websites promoting discussion about sexual attraction to children is, according to The Gazette, hosted by a Montreal company and has ties to a pedophile group also based in the city.

This on top of the recommendation on another website that bills itself as « a celebration of the splendour of little girls » that Montrealers should attend the two day children’s festival on Ile Notre Dame later this month because it will be a « top notch » occasion to watch little girls.

Officials at the festival say there will be no additional safety precautions at the festival. In fact, police say there is little they can do about websites of this kind. Police add that while these sites come close to breaking the law, the people behind them know how not to cross the line.

However at Winnipeg watch- dog group say sites of this kind, some dedicated to « promoting open communication about boy-lovers, » should be subject to child pornography legislation.

Would it be your view that our child pornography laws should be strengthened to deal with this sort of material on the Internet?

On the other hand, how do we find the balance between protecting children and stifling free speech?


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    jim Says:

    Let us get the police and the media equipped with cameras to attend the so called festival. Then publish their pictures in the newspapers.

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