This week one of the most amazing records in baseball, perhaps in all sports, was broken when San Francisco slugger, Barry Bonds, hit his 756th home run to surpass Hank Aaron’ss record of 755 set 33 years ago when Aarron surpassed Babe Ruth.

However, this mammoth feat is clouded because of the suspicion that Bonds has taken steroids. The problem is that Bonds has never been convicted of any offense. The fact is he’s never been charged. But a majority of sports writers have convicted Bons without trial.

Now it’s quite true that Bonds is a reclusive prickly character who for many years has shown his disdain, even contempt for the press. They in turn are contemptuous of him and they (including Jack Todd in The Gazette) have done everything in their power to convict Bonds in the court of public opinion. And they have pretty well succeeded.

But is this fair? And doesn’t it seem this is the trend now, that anyone who is charged with any crime or misdemeanour is now considered guilty until proven innocent (cf. Conrad Black before his conviction.)

Does this trend concern you? After all, any one of us could be charged with some offense. Should we lose our good reputation even before we have our day in court?

By the way, do your consider yourself a sports fan? I’m into football and baseball and Ienjoy playing golf.



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    Twas thus ever so, an unfortunate quirk of human nature, to assume someone is tainted in some way or they would not be going before a judge. That is why we have the judicial system we have.
    On the other hand, it does not seem fair that the rich have access to better defense attorneys than the poor.
    I have no opinion on Bonds. I do have considerable respect for Hank Aaron, however, who was ever the gentleman. It seems to me that Bonds could prove his total innocence quite easily, if he chose to do so. He does not have to, of course, and there lies the chasm of ignorance that allows the division of opinion.

  2. 2
    John Says:

    It’s true the press have never painted a pretty picture of Barry Bonds, but Bonds has done little to help his own cause. His blatant disdain for sports writers is well documented. His snubbing of autograph seekers and fans in general is well known. His refusal to join team mates on the field following important victories has been obvious. For heavens sakes, he refuses to sit on the bench in the dugout with the other players, but has his own private chair.

    It’s their bloated sense of self importance and refusal to follow rules and norms that everyone else does that leads the general public to want to see the Barry Bonds and Conrad Blacks of the world brought down…..whether in a court of law or the court of public opinion.

    What will really be interesting in Bonds’ case is that it is the Baseball Writers Association of America (the very folks he has looked down on for so long) that vote on a player’s entry to the Hall of Fame. Bonds’ stats would make him an obvious choice, but many writers are saying he won’t get their vote. Time will tell.

    Bonds has already informed the hall that they will not be getting his uniform or other artifacts. He intends to sell them. How typical.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Question:- If Ruth took 200 games to achieve 714 homers and Bonds 400 games to surpass Ruth’s record,has a record been broken on an even playing field.This did happen even though I’ve taken liberties with the number of games played. Secondly the ball is different. In those days the core was stuffed with something else.Even the bats are different. Bonds has a degree in criminology. With that does he think he can beat the system.His defence is leaky.The future will clear things up and maybe his trainer will get out of jail and Bonds will take the chip off his own shoulder. jim

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