After initially denying it, the Quebec Provincial Police have acknowledged that three of their officers infilitrated a group of peaceful union demonstrators at the Montebello Summit. The police officers were black-clad, wearing bandanas to hide their faces and one of them was holding a rock. In a video, one of the police officers is seen shoving a union official and swearing at him.

The un ion official and his group contend the officers were there to stir up trouble so the police could move in. The RCMP were also working along side the QPP at Montebello.

The fact is this summit will be remembered for the police acting badly while the demonstrators remained peaceful. The Globe and Mail says there should be a full investigation into what these police officers were really doing at Montebello. Do you agree?

Do you think police should infiltrate demonstrators who are acting peacefully within the law as is their right?



  1. 1

    Yes, essential to track the source of this shocking trickster behavior on the part of the police.
    These on-the-payroll QPP oficers did not just shove back from their respective breakfast tables, happen to meet on the street appropriately garbed and then spontaneously descend upon the same locale. Who ordered them to create this crisis amid peaceful union demonstrators so that it would appear that the RCMP presence was now necessary to restore peace. (And look at how, like Hitler’s boys, they readily obeyed…)
    And who gave that person the order? Who would be the best person to research this important question, Neil?

  2. 2
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    This is a case of manipulation on the part of someone. Placing people in a crowd to stir up trouble is not just unethical, it is dangerous and irresponsible.

    I certainly would not put it past the PMO’s office to have had a hand in it. To discredit others seems to be a mandate of the Harper administration.

  3. 3

    Eleanor – I think someone of the stature of Justice John Gomery, who presided so ably over the sponsorship inquiry, should be appointed to head a judicial inquiry to look into police actions at the Montebello summit.

    Joanne – If Harper’s PMO did not have a direct hand in the police provocation, I expect they were no displeased with it. In fact, Security minister Day admitted as much.

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