Today, after a political firestorm caused by his disorderly conduct in a men’s bathroom, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, is announcing that he will resign from the Senate. The disgraced Senator has railed against homosexuals for years. He supports a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Which raises the broader question: why do so many socially conservative politicians get into trouble sexually, often engaging in sexual practises in private that they loudly condemn in public?

Here are a few recent examples of American politicians who loudly preached family values, only to violate them in private. Republican congressman Mark Foley chased after congressional pages; Republican congressman Bob Allen allegedly solicited sex in a public bathroom; Republican Senator David Vitter admitted he used a female prostitution ring; Newt Gingrich condemned Bill Clinton’s adultery at the same time he was having an affair of his own; Spokane Mayor Jim West, who tried to ban gays from teaching in the public school system, was forced out of office after he admitted to cruising men on line. All of these politicians were married with children.

What is it about conservative politicians that drives so many of them to destroy their lives in pursuit of illicit sex?

Perhaps it is because they are so uncomfortable with their own sexual orientation (perhaps even hate it) that they project this hatred onto the very people they publicly despise. If they hate their gayness, they try to reduce their pain by attacking gays.

What do you think?



  1. 1
    jim Says:

    What I,ve noticed about US conservatives is that their moral suasion has always been « I’m for me and screw you » and that’s exactly what they do in the sex department.

  2. 2
    SUZANNE Says:

    It’s not just Conservatives. Did you notice all the feminists stood by Bill Clinton in spite of all the allegations of sexual harrassment? What about Ted Kennedy who killed a woman?

    Some people engage in homosexual behaviour without believing in the homosexual agenda. They are two different things.

    Are you trying to paint ALL social conservatives as hypocrites? Are no social conservatives– political or otherwise– genuinely motivated by principle?

    Is that what you’re trying to say?

  3. 3

    Jim – Right on. And then there’s the ministers of the extreme right like Jimmy Swaggart.

    Suzanne – Sorry you got the idea that I’m trying to paint all social conservatives as hypocrites. Not at all. Take some of the leading Republican presidential candidates. (I rule out Giuliani who supports abortion and gun control and is not a true social conservative). Thompson, McCain and Romney are all social conservatives and certainly not hypocrites.

    Now to Clinton and Kennedy.

    Clinton was involved in a relationship with another consenting adult. His impeachment deserved to fail as, indeed, it did.

    Kennedy was never convicted of killing anyone. He wasn’t ever charged with killing anyone. And he has recovered from a tragic accident to become the most influential liberal senator in the Congress.

  4. 4
    B Says:

    Yes it is weird that sexual conservatives sometimes end up doing weird things. My hypothesis, and I doubt I am the first to ponder it, revolves arounr kinsey’s scale of 1 to 6, with ‘1’ being totally straight and unable to even ponder a gay thought and 6 being gay and unable to ponder a straight sex thought.

    I’ve always been a ‘1’. When I was a kid I suppose I was a bit of a homophobe, that just being the culture I grew up with. But when I matured that went away because I am not the least bit threatened by gays, since I am unable to entertain a gay fantasy with much seriousness.

    Now take a 3. A 3 who grew up amongst anti-gay bigotry sometimes entertains gay fantasy or feels attracted to other men. But he is also attracted to women. So a 3 feels that this is a temptation. A 3 is easily convinced that too much fantasy or masturbation or what have you could lead to developing ‘Same Sex Attraction’ as a disorder. A 3 feels that this is a dangerous addictive drug, the same as I might feel that getting in the habbit of going to hetero strip clubs and using expensive escorts might be addictive.

    And of course a 6 was never able to entertain a heterosexual fantasy, has always known they are gay, and can’t see why the 3’s are so confused.

    Now a liberal like Ted or Bill Clinton might have plenty of sexual shortocmings, but they likely don’t seem like horrifically evil demons trying to lure them into illicit behavior. Let’s face it, some part of western culture sees hetero adultery as ‘natural’ sin and homosexual relations as unnatural sin. It doesn’t help that St Paul tells us as much in Romans, and treats it as a punishment from God for bad behavior.

    That’s my little pop psychology lesson on why you’re more likely to see obscenely sever hypocrisy coming from social conservatives than from liberals.

  5. 5

    B – Thanks for your interesting analysis the strength of sexual orientation on a continuum form 1 to 6. I wonder if those somewhere in the 2 to 4 category might be hetero-sexual. I frankly doubt that St. Paul had much insight into homosexuality as we understand it today. Thanks for your insightful comment.

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