Last Saturday, Senator Larry Craig, convicted of disorderly conduct in a public washroom in an Idaho airport, said he would resign from the Senate on September 30. He has now changed his mind. As Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania urged him to do, he will now fight to clear his name and if does so, he plans to remain in the Senate. The Senator has engaged a team of high-priced lawyers to get his conviction overturned.

Well, I’ve changed my mind too. Last week I would have said Senator Craig should have quit his Senate seat. Now, I’m not so sure. Let’s look at the facts.

Senator Craig was not convicted of any sexual misconduct. Yet the Republican lynch mob tore into him, I suspect because there was a whiff of homosexuality in the bathroom sting. (By the way, does law enforcement have nothing better to do in a terror-sensitive airport than sit on a toilet seat trying to entrap the unwary?) These are the same Republicans who condoned adultery by several of their Senate colleagues.

And what after all did Senator Craig admit to? Disorderly conduct, a misdemeanour about as serious as a parking ticket. Furthermore should a group of Republican grandees in Washington put an end to Senator Craig’s 35-year career in public service. Or rather should he be judged by the voters in his home state of Idaho. If he runs in the Senate election next year, the voters can throw him out if they think pleading guilty to a misdemeanour warrants it.

I say Senator Craig should fight to clear his name and stay in the Senate.

What do you think?



  1. 1
    B Says:

    I dunno. There is the whole hypocrisy thing and the party doesn’t want any more sex scandal than it already has. I don’t think they’ll let him survive this unless he can truly prove that he’s not guilty of the hypocrisy. The law is somewhat beside the point in the political arena.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    The Republicans are running for their lives in the Senate. They are tied with the Democrats currently. If he runs again and loses in one of the most conservative states, they are down another seat. If he runs as an independent, same story whether he wins or loses.

  3. 3
    jeremy Says:

    Coming from my point of view, the whole « bathroom signals » excuse, in my opinion was overblown. But there are those who have reported on his activities in the past, that only confirm what the reports speak of. That he had a skeleton in his closet.

    In today’s climate, the outing of Republican or conservative men and women is a job, to out them brings shame and disarray to the Republican party, as in they are no squeaky clean Christian group as they were. The witch hunt is on – on Capitol Hill. Gay Bloggers are working to out as many folk as they can before the next election.

    We must weigh all the evidence against him and look at the entire picture. The fall of the « Right » is occurring. He has too many black marks on his record to ignore or stop his resignation.


  4. 4

    – You’re right. Even if Craig overturns his conviction, the political damage has
    been done.

    Barbara – As you say the Senate is tight. I think the Democrats took it back oast fall by a margin of 51-49. Of course if Craig resigns (as seem more likely now) the Republican Idaho governor will appoint a Republican to serve out his term.

    Jeremy — At the end of today it looks as though Senator Craig has weighed all the evidence and has decided to bow out.

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