For the first time since statistics were compiled (more than a century ago) married Canadians are in a minority compared to single Canadians (never married, divorced, separated and living common law) .Millions of Canadians have asked themselves: « Who needs marriage, anyway? » And many have answered, « Not me. »

So does marriage matter anymore?  (It sure does to gays who are marrying at a five times faster rate than heterosexuals are.)  There is much data that suggests marriage matters a lot.  Single parent families are significantly poorer than two-parent families and the children of single parents (a quarter of all children) generally do worse in life.  Common law arrangements are far more unstable than proper marriage. The bottom line suggests that marriage is still the best framework in which to raise healthy, happy children.  And the good news here is that almost 8o percent of Canadian children are living in two two-parent families.

Are you satisfied that marriage  is the best arrangement especially where children are involved?

Is there any justification for common-law marriage?

Do you think the decline of marriage is directly related to the decline of  religion?

Does marraige matter?


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    lorilowe Says:

    I think marriage is a very important institution, and yes it generally benefits children when compared with cohabitation, single parenthood or other arrangements when studied. My blog details many of my opinions as well as studies in the U.S. and abroad.

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