In the run-up to the provincial election on Oct. 10, the Ontario Liberals have promised Ontarians a mind-winter holiday in February. They argue that there is a long dreary stretch between Christmas and Easter when there is no holiday. Further they say the breadwinner (or breadwinners because so many mothers and fathers are working), need more time off to spend with their families. In fact, they propose to call the holiday « Family Day ». (Alberta already has one.)

The Globe and Mail pours cold water on the idea calling it a political ploy. Also the Globe argues that Canada is having difficulty with our productivity and more days off would damage that further.

Still and all, do you think Quebec should have a mid-winter holiday?

What would you call it? What about Rene Levesque day?



  1. 1

    Absolutely yes, I liked somebody’s idea (on CJAD) about calling it Family Day and people really taking that time to be with family, especially their kids. I always jumped at the « excuse » that my kids were home on March break to take that time off myself, even if I could only take a few days, and it was a great opportunity to take them sledding, skating or skiing, whatever the weather warranted.

  2. 2

    Right on, Brenda. Although, don’t you think Family Day is a little pallid and pedestrian? Thanks for dropping in.

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