Certainly considering Canada’s political and economic situation Canadians have a lot to be grateful for on this Thanksgiving 2007.

Our economy is booming in a way it hasn’t for two generations. Unemployment has fallen to 5.9 per cent in a country in which six per cent, because of our generous social safety net, is considered full employment. In September alone the economy grew by 51,000 jobs. Our loonie is now stronger than the American dollar. In fact, there is a job for everyone that wants one.

Ottawa is so awash in petro dollars that it just paid down $14 billion, or three per cent of the national debt, in one shot. Indications are that the surplus will exceed $20 billion in the current fiscal year, allowing a margin for both debt reduction and tax cuts in the next federal budget.

In Quebec, the threat of separation is dwindling by the day. Perhaps Thanksgiving is a good time to recall Rene Levesque’s definition of a Quebecer: « Someone who lives here. »

Thanks to Jean Chretien (and we all wish him a speedy recovery) Canada is not bogged down with Bush in the Iraq war.

In fact, if an alien on a far-off planet was looking down and choosing a country on earth to settle in, what would you bet he or she wouldn’t choose Canada?

Are there other gifts that you think Canadians should be thankful for. Comment and share them.

And to all a happy Thanksgiving.



  1. 1
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    Absolutely. We live in one of the greatest countries in the world and the vast majority of us are well-fed, have a roof over our heads and are educated. Myself, I have no reason to complain about anything (yet, I usually do find something). I have a good job, place to live, my family, a few good friends and my health. What else do I need?

    I spent Thanksgiving with my family–and the 4 little boys that I see on such occasions. And I am extremely thankful for that!

  2. 2


    You’ve eloquently touched the values – family, friends, job — that are, I think, most important to most Canadians. Thanks for sharing.

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