After months of hunkering down behind platoons of lawyers, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has agreed to pay $660 million to the victims of 221 pedophile priests and other male church employees.

To help pay these enormous damages, the Archdiocese led by Cardinal Mahoney, is ordering nuns out of convents so that the buildings can be sold to fund the out-of-court settlement. For example, in Santa Barbara, three nuns of the Sisters of Bethany were ordered out of their modest home by December 31, earlier « would be acceptable as well. »

The eviction notice has raised a public storm and a group called « Save Our Sisters » has been formed. The Church has slapped a gag order on the nuns which, of course, raises the question of another cover-up.

A former Bethany sister says: « These nuns are precious to us, but there are priests living in fabulous-looking little houses by themselves. You don’t see them getting kicked out. »

Do you think this is fair?



  1. 1
    SUZANNE Says:

    The whole thing smells from start to finish. I hope they’re doing something to re-house the nuns.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    And these evicted Sisters are elderly as well. This does smell and the cover up only makes the smell fester. In all likelihood, it will be up to the Sisters of Bethany to find suitable housing for their evicted elderly. This bears watching and in the cold light of the press.

  3. 3
    jeremy Says:

    The church is famous for selling off convents and monasteries. Here again is church scandal run amuck!! I don’t think that it is right. Where are they going to go from there. And is the church going to help them relocate?

    Why punish the innocent for the indiscretion of men!

    This does not surprise me one bit.


  4. 4
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    No, it’s not fair. But it does not surprise me at all that it is happening. Not to sound like a rabid feminist, but the Church does have a heirarchy and much of one’s rank in it depends on whether or not one is male.

    The nuns don’t have a chance. They have always been second class citizens within the Church and this is just another example of it.

    Why not take the priests houses? They probably aren’t responsible for the acts of other priests either but….

  5. 5
    Chimera Says:

    If it’s true as stated, no, of course it’s not fair. But when has the Catholic church ever been fair in its dealings? Like all other artificial structures that depend upon power over people in order to survive, the church is only concerned with itself, not with its constituents.

    Perhaps the nuns ought to invite sisters Annamaria and Gianbattista over from Bari…those two have proven to be scrappy enough to put anyone on the run. I’d say extend the invitation to sister Liliani, but something makes me think she wouldn’t fit in, although she does have the necessary attitude!

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