This afternoon the two premier Catholic football colleges in the United States are playing each other. In a nationally televised (NBC) game, Boston College (6-0) run by the Jesuit fathers is playing Notre Dame (2-4) run by the Holy Cross Fathers.

For at least a week the students, faculty and rich alumni of both Catholic colleges have been storming heaven pleading with God to let their team emerge victorious.

Do you think this poses a dilemma for the Almghty?



  1. 2
    Barbara Says:

    I think He’s going to the Michigan State game.

  2. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    It’s like being the parent of two kids who go to those two different schools. Who do you think should win?

    I’m all for praying. As long as people are praying, it’s all good.

  3. 4
    Chimera Says:

    “Do you think this poses a dilemma for the Almghty?”

    I dunno. What position does he play?

  4. 5

    I think She’s the referee. In any event, Boston College (Jesuits) defeated Notre Dame (Holy Cross) 27 to 14.

  5. 6
    jeremy Says:

    I think God has better things to do…


  6. 7
    Chimera Says:

    “I think She’s the referee.”

    LOL! In that case, I think maybe both teams are in trouble…

  7. 8
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    I never quite got the whole pray before you play thing. Surely God has better things to do with his time than to make sure that you flatten their quarterback before they flatten yours!

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