At a late Friday afternoon press conference, Prime Minister Harper announced that he was appointing an independent third party to advise the government on what course it should take on the dealings between German businessman Karl Schreiber and Brian Mulroney when the latter was prime minister.

Harper said he was reversing his previous position there was no need for an investigation because new information had just become available about Schreiber’s payments of $300,000 to Mulroney.

The only problem with Harper’s statement is that it is not true. Seven months ago Schreiber wrote a letter to Harper outlining the payments he made to Mulroney. What happened to this letter – a red-flagger if there ever was one? Harper’s communications chief, Sandra Butler, admits the letter arrived in the Privy Council Office but was never forwarded to the Prime Minister’s office.

Can you believe that? That a letter having potential to blow up a former prime minister was not even sent on to be read by the current prime minister? No wonder Stephane Dion and Jack Layton are outraged by this apparent cover-up. No wonder they both want a full scale judicial inquiry.

In this context, do you think Harper can be trusted to set up an independent inquiry into Mulroney when the same inquiry might blow Harper out of the water.

Who said Stephane Dion will never be prime minister?



  1. 1
    Oscar Says:

    Hi Neil,
    Just curious. If I were to make 3, $100 000 deposits to a fincancial institution, they would be on me like stink on sh#t to find out where I got that kind of money in cash. Apparently, former Prime Ministers don’t have such problems (unless it’s still under his mattress). Also, does it matter when you declare the income? Apparently, Mulroney only declared the income when the payments became public knowledge some three years after the actual payment. Just curious, are there different fiscal rules for different people?

  2. 2

    Oscar and Neil…here are not different rules for difference people…just people who think they are different and therefore above the rules.

    This sure does not pass the sniff test…and now we have to see if Harper is rigging this by apponting a patsy as the investigator and stiffling him/her with a tight mandate and limited terms of reference.

    This will turn out to be as much about Harper’s character as it is Mulroney’s

  3. 3

    Indeed they would be on you in a flash. However, I do believe if you declare your taxes late it is some how still ok.
    Exactly why I structured the question the way I did. I am more interested now in Harper’s culpability than I am in Mulroney’s. On the facts we have so far I believe Harper is in very deep political trouble and I hope Dion hangs tough in going after him.
    On a personal note. You have a very sharp looking blog and I am sorry I missed you at Las Vegas. It was a rewarding couple of days.

  4. 4
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    The wolf tending to the sheep. How very intersting…or interested? Glad to see the Torys having their sponsorship problems.

  5. 5
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    This should make for must-see tv! You think Harper should take those election ads off TV now or later?? Talk about pots and kettles and name-calling. I can’t wait for that smarmy look to be wiped off that smarmy face.

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