At the eleventh hour of his presidency, George Bush convened the Annapolis Conference to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Up to now Bush has been part of the problem, not the solution. Most observers agree he has tilted heavily in favour of Israel. With Bush Israel’s security has trumped Palestinian grievances almost every time.

It was not always so. In the late fifties, President Eisenhower demanded that Israel withdraw from all the territories that had been seized during the Suez campaign in 1956. Israeli prime minister Ben-Gurion, bowing to American pressure, reluctantly agreed.

Many of the problems of 50 years ago still remain. For years Resolution 242 requiring that Israel withdraw from all the occupied territories, has been on the U.N. books. Israel has effectively ignored it.

Dr. Neve Gordon, a Jew, teaches  government and politics at Ben-Gurion University in Israel. He comments on the current situation:

{The United States] « must force Israel to abide by U.N. Resolution 242. Mr. Bush must insist that Israel dismantle all of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and fully withdraw to the 1967 borders.  The Palestinians should be able to establish  a state with their capital in East Jerusalem, and a creative solution to the refugee problem must be found and agreed on. »

Professor Gordon says a settlement along these lines will enhance Israel’s security:

« Due to the rapid advancement of modern warfare, Israel’s military and technological edge will not be enough to secure its borders.  Only peace can do that.  Therefore, as an Israeli Jew who wants his children and future grand-children to live in the region in peace, I can assert safely that Mr. Bush would be doing Israel’s citizenry a great service by pressuring the government for a full withdrawal from the occupied territories. »

Do you agree?


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    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Wish it were that simple. The problem goes far beyond a border problem or compliance with any number of UN resolution. It is an unsettled question since biblical times. As long as the conflict between Abrahams semite descendants will not be settled nobody will be secure in Palestine/Israel. As long as even SOME JEWISH people will pretend that the State is illegal since it has not been created by the yet to come Messiah and Hamas will claim the extinction of Israel, there will be no peace. Too many conflicting points of view fuelled by religious fervor on all sides make a peace deal impossible in the near future…if ever until the Last Judgement.

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