The Harper government now has a bill in the legislative hopper that prohibits veiled women from voting.

On the face of it, this seems an unecessary, if not hysterical, attempt to pander to fears of Islam. Amid the divisive « reasonable accomodation » debate the last thing Canada needs is this unnecessary targeting of a minority group that had done nothing to provoke it. My recollection is that in Quebec there were all of seven Muslim women who wanted to vote keeping their veils on.

This legislation seems all more hypocritical when you consider the fact Canadians living abroad can vote without even going to a polling station.

Shamefully, the Bloc and the NDP support this bill and the Liberals have expressed misgivings but haven’t worked up the courage to vote against it.

Can you think of a single good reason why veiled Muslim women should not be able to vote?



  1. 1
    Cate McB Says:

    Would security be one good reason? I don’t know much about this but when I renewed my passport recently and went for the new passport photo, I was told that I had to take my glasses off and have my face turned and lit up in a certain way so that the photo would identify me as me. Is it not the same security issue behind taking off any face covering such as a veil?

  2. 2
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Muslim commentators in Canada have time and again said that a veiled woman can remove her veil to vote, preferably before a female reporting official, but also before a male officer if no female is available. Furthermore, no requests were made in the last elections to vote with a veil on. So where is the fire? Only a miniscule number of Muslim women are veiled in Canada, such a law could, however, be seen as a challenge for more women to veil themselves just to show us their pride and faith. Thus achieving just the opposite result and possibly leading to some women renouncing their democratic rigths.
    This reeks of electoral opportunism and pandering to our extremists.

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    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Lots of tests Neil. I guess you love urchins.

  8. 9
    Joe Agnost Says:

    TestingE – this is fun!

  9. 10
    Noel Says:

    Well what if the women try to vote twice? They cant see their faces so just get a fake ID and they could do it.

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