The flamboyant conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh has launched his lowest attack yet on the Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton. Discussing an unflattering picture of Clinton on the net, Limbaugh asked: « Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their very eyes on a daily basis? »

Limbaugh pointed out that Hillary is stuck with a looks-obsessed culture and that the presidency ages its occupants drastically. (If Hillary won two terms she would leave office aged 68). Limbaugh says that aging makes men look more authoritative, accomplished, distinguished. « Sadly its not that way for women and they will tell you. »

And Limbaugh went on to suggest that a President Hillary Clinton would be forced to have face surgery or some such: « There will have to be steps taken to avoid the appearance of her aging. »

There’s no denying that looks matter in politics. JFK’s tan and Nixon’s five o’clock shadow helped turn the 1960 election in Kennedy’s favour. But women seem to be scrutinized more critically on their looks which depend to a greater extent on lighting, bloating and wardrobe. (Remember the furore when Hillary showed a bit of decollatage).

Often Hillary looks great; sometimes she looks tired, heavy and puffy.

Do you think a presidential candidate’s looks are part of the package?

Does Hillary meet the standard?

Do you agree that male presidential candidates age better than women do?



  1. 1
    Joe Agnost Says:

    « Do you think a presidential candidate’s looks are part of the package? »

    Sadly yes.

    But I think Hillary is (looks-wise) presidential material.

    « Does Hillary meet the standard? »

    Yup – She looks authoritative and business like.

    « Do you agree that male presidential candidates age better than women do? »

    No. It varies person to person… aging isn’t an issue in my mind and I doubt it’s an issue in many other’s minds either. Rush is a clown and only his (few) fans listen to him… this aging point isn’t going to be an issue.

  2. 2
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    « The aging point isn’t going to be an issue », that is unless the media make a fuss over it and blow it out of proportion as is so often the case. As for Limbaugh and other far right clowns even though their audience is limited it is magnified when more respectable venue repeat it albeit to refute them. That boosts their importance to a level they do not deserve. Let them rant and ignore them.

  3. 3
    Alex Thomas Says:

    « Do women age badly? » Geez, ya think? If YOU had to put up with Bill chasing everything that even HINTED of estrogen…
    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY dared suggest that Maggie Thatcher, or Golda Meir, or Indira Ghandi, hit the spa, or get a makeover, to soften and « feminize » their appearance. What with Rush Limbaugh contributing more to global warming than all the farting cows in creation, we miss the point. We are supposed to be adults here. This is NOT « Mean Girls », people. If looks were everything, we could put Miss South Carolina in charge, and few people would know the difference, considering that she even SOUNDS like Dubya. (Excuse me, honey, but a sentence needs both a subject AND a predicate?)
    If we ignore looks, and look to the SUBSTANCE of the MESSAGE, Ron Paul wins — and he could play Gandalf WITHOUT much makeup.
    Sometimes, sweeties, the recipe CALLS for balsamic vinegar, and NOT spumanti.
    My name is Alex Thomas. Life is an acquired taste, eh?

  4. 4
    Chimera Says:

    The title doesn’t quite match the theme. Hilary is not all women, and from what I’ve read/heard, she doesn’t even appeal to a lot of women.

    But look out for the traps when Limbaugh speaks. As if he’s one to talk about other people’s perceived flaws! He says: « ‘There will have to be steps taken to avoid the appearance of her aging.' » But if she does anything at all to « avoid aging, » he’ll be the first to jump all over her for it, accuse her of wasting the peoples’ time and money on « feminazi » trifles, and suggesting that she’s not capable of keeping her eye on the ball because she’s a woman and therefore overly concerned with her looks.

    « Do you agree that male presidential candidates age better than women do? »

    Nobody ages well in politics. But consider the alternative.

  5. 5
    Paul Costopôulos Says:

    Come on guys, aging is in your head. We, as a society, used to have respect for older people and to seek their guidance. In staff depleted public institutions the tendancy is to seek « mentors ». They are over 60 most of them.
    I have witnessed the MBA craze of the 70s, those fresh from university guys drove countless enterprises into the ground until the « old folks » came to the rescue.
    Wrinkles are not shamefull and 65+ is not the pits.

  6. 6
    Jim Says:

    Is that moron, RL, smoking pot again. Every time he spews his verbal diarrhea, he subtracts from the fountain of human knowledge

  7. 7
    SUZANNE Says:

    John Kerry doesn’t age too well, either. And Al Gore. Ouch.

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