I’ve just read about a young chap who spends eight to 10 hours a day on line. Part of that is writing for an on line movie magazine, browsing Facebook where he has 800 friends and surfing the net for an overwhelming amount of information.

« I don’t have a girl friend because I spend too much time on the net. »

Another cyberspacer says many people have jobs where they can spend much time on line and as soon as they get home they go on full time.

One Montreal researcher is concerned about the potential for cyberspace addiction. He and his associates want to interview people who are worried about about a loved one’s excessive internet use. (514-389-6336) Apparently studies have shown that about six per cent of Internet users are addicted.

The definition of cyberspace addiction also included offline acttivities such as excessive video-game playing. Warning signs include withdrawal symptoms, loss of personal relationships and unsuccessful attempts to cut down.

So how much time do I spend on the Net? I »ve never timed it but it includes reading and posting on my blog, reading and commenting on other blogs, reading newspapers (New York Times, London Independent, Huffington Report) googling information. My rough guess is that this mounts up to about three hours a day.

An addict? I don’t think so. An enthusiast. Indeed.

Do you know anyone addicted to the Net?

About how much time do you spend on the Net? Doing what?



  1. 1
    Chimera Says:

    It irks me no end that some people have nothing better to do than create jobs for themselves by passing judgment on what they consider to be someone else’s « excessive » activities. Label it an « addiction » and voila! he’s (the Montreal researcher) got a « study » for which he can get paid taxpayer dollars to do nothing but sit on his fat arse and do precisely what he’s accusing others of doing — sitting in front of a computer. The difference is, he’s getting paid for his « addiction! »

    But I have a big problem with the whole idea of « addiction » anyway. So Joe Blow would rather do something other than spending all his free time with other people. Big Deal. That only tells me that the other people in his life are not nearly as stimulating as they could be. They fail him in that way, but if they can get him labelled an addict, they can shift the blame from themselves to him. They might be the ones in the wrong, but if they can force him to march in step with them and become « normal, » they can feel vindicated. Never mind that they might be ruining his enjoyment of his own life and his own choices.

    Too much damned social engineering going on.

    I say leave people alone. Let them do what they want so long as they’re not hurting anyone by it.

  2. 2
    Alex Thomas Says:

    We MUST put a stop to Internet addiction, NOW! We MUST intercede, NOW! Just the other day, I saw a grubby, wild-eyed reprobate with a hat on the sidewalk, and a sign that read, « Can’t afford high-speed cable. » Bags under the eyes, fingers curved into permanent keyboarding claws, muttering about conspiracy theories and the best porn sites, living on Timmy Ho’s and Doritos, clothes dank and smelling of double-doubles…waitaminnit…that’s our IT department.
    My name is Alex Thomas. Love to stop and chat but…you see, there’s this new site I just heard about…I’m sure you’ll understand…and hey, I can quit, anytime! Really!

  3. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    I use the internet a lot. I think the difference between an addict and someone who likes to use it a lot is that the addict would never get off if he could.

    I love the internet. I spend lots of time on my computer. But eventually I get off. There’s a time and a place for everything.

    I think the internet has helped me reach out more to the outside because I’ve been able to find kindred spirits.

    I do think that there is such a thing as internet addiction, but the question is not so much how much you use, but whether it’s affecting your quality of life. If your marriage is suffering and your kids are neglected, and you CAN’T get off, then it’s time to get some help. But if you’re a single person, you love the internet, you otherwise balance out the rest the rest of your life, I don’t see the problem.

    There might also be an issue as to what you do with the internet. Video game playing is entertaining, but a complete waste of time. Political blogging, or writing, or helping people through message boards, that’s actually productive. To me, someone who spends their days expressing themselves or helping others is making far better use of the internet than someone who only plays video games– nothing wrong with them, but they’re fantasy, not real life.

    • 4
      Rich Says:

      it depends which videogame your playing if your playing console games it’s a great exercise of the fingers and even made me good at playing instruments when I was a kid but since I’ve been led to computer games they are more lazy and don’t require you to move your fingers as much however world of warcraft has good reading value if you read the quests it’s like reading a book so … it’s only bad because you utilize it incorrectly..

      also what people don’t realize is if you play the video game over and over that is the same one you aquire certain mental prowess you exercise your mind and it becomes boring while it is boring if you still play it you will come back to it and realize you have entered into another mode of consciousness for that level and or activity therefore all games have great infinite replay value and are never a waste of time unless you are doing like different things that require no reading actually some of the games require you to wait up to 2 hours doing nothing like in World of Warcraft when you have to wait for your guildmaster to tell you things yes it is a waste of time just as lifiting light weights are but like I said bore yourself to death with a videogame and reap mental pleasures it’s like meditation and you can do it your whole life it will always be fun and you can discover new facets of consciousness when you go somewhere else it WILL cause your mind to focus.. if your DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER.. it IMPROVES YOUR MIND..

      videogames are not a waste of time if you played the same one the whole time and the same levels..

      and some videogames have steeper learning curves than others..

      reading is better though…

      but chess is the best because according to my experience chess will not only make you smarter but keep you motivated due to competitive stressors..

      • 5
        Rich Says:

        most of the time I only played video games because my friends were playing them with me…

      • 6
        Rich Says:

        if you play video games and play 70 thousand times on a level you have read a novel congratulations..

        because a novel is 70 thousand words … or even more than one novel..

      • 7
        Rich Says:

        even like.. with… being addicted or whatever the heck .. I mean..

        I watched television too only seemed like I was addicted because I was trying to be better than someone which is when I poured all my time into developing a character..

        which was a « waste of time »

        I sure did enjoy myself though and not enjoying yourself makes you dumber.. It said that on brain age..

  4. 8
    Joe Agnost Says:

    I think internet addiction is a real phenomenom… but it’s nobody’s business whether Joe Blow is addicted or not. If he wants to spend 18 hours a day on his computer then good luck to him!!

    I’m not a huge fan of computers… I’m a software designer and make my living on a computer – but as soon as I leave the office I don’t go near a computer until I’m back at work again.

    • 9

      I think if there is an addiction for the most part it comes down to what you are doing to your health and how it affects your life. For me, I am not internet addicted, however I do feel I spend more time on it than I need. So I can say it « bothers » me, but doesn’t really detriment my health or family all that much. I use it daily for work. I can relate it to this, remember when you were a kid and you got actual physical mail in your mailbox? Don’t know about you but I loved it! It was exciting. I’d mail out to get free stickers from magazines and check everyday. Now, I email about 10-20 people a day and I await response in a hopefully immediate way. Therefor I am constantly checking my inbox. This is because any one of these emails could change the progress of my future and in the end that is exciting … getting mail, still feels good. But walking away and not caring sometimes feels even better.

  5. 10

    i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

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