Some Olympic athletes are thinking of boycotting the Bejing Olympics because of China’s repressive crackdown in Tibet. A number of German Olympians argue that China (because of its human rights violations) is not a suitable venue for the Olympics.

On the other hand a senior Olympic official says these athletes « will realize when they assess the situation that it is better to make an appearance than to stay away. That is a symbol that will be noticed by the public. »

Other analysts argue that the 1980 boycott of  the Moscow games did not moderate the behaviour of the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, if Chinese brutality in Tibet continues to worsen, should China get off scott free?

Or should the Olympics be used as leverage to try to halt Chinese repression?



  1. 1
    Marc Petersen Says:

    The idea of Olympia is based on creating a symbol for peace and freedom. China acts in way of an autocratic, suppressing state. Where is the difference to Irak, North Korea or Iran? Maybe, that we, the western states (Europe and north America) are afraid of losing our economic connection to china, which means less gaining in our economic systems. Sorry, but every nation and every single person which had boycotted Olympia 1936, should boycott China in the same way!

  2. 2
    BookGirl Says:

    Athletes shouldn’t boycott Bejing because the Olympics aren’t supposed to be used as a political tool. If that was the case, Jesse Owens would not have been able to go to the Olympics in Berlin back in ’36.

    I do think China needs to be held accountable for their crimes against human rights, but it needs to be done in the UN. We need to pressure our politicians, not our athletes.

  3. 3
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    The Olympics have become a huge publicity stunt and a business occasion. The Olympic spirit died with the enormous sponsorships given top athletes and humongous television rights. Do you seriously think any country or top athlete would want to jeopadize the golden eggs hen?

  4. 4
    Chimera Says:

    Neither the ancient Olympics nor the revival Olympics were founded to promote peace and freedom. The ancient Olympics were a religious festival, celebrated to honor Zeus. Only Greek men were permitted to compete. Other civilizations and women had their own separate games.

    The revival Olympics were set up initially both to train young men in various athletic endeavors and to offer a substitute for war among competing nations (which seems a little silly, considering that the competing nations were pretty much all allies). Those good intentions quickly went by the board when the IOC got involved and ruined everything. Since the revival, there have always been boycotts for one reason or another. And politics permeates the very air.

    Personally speaking, I think the games are a huge waste of money, especially for the host cities. I don’t care who competes or who boycotts. I wish they would all go away. The games being held in Vancouver in two years are sucking needed funds away from some very pressing social problems, and the cut-and-paste « solutions » being offered instead are akin to putting a bandaid on a severed artery.

  5. 5
    Joe Agnost Says:

    I think the olypics themselves should be scrapped.

    It’s obscene the amount of money wasted on this event. Chimera is right – vancouver is suffering because of its obligation, and it will continue to suffer long after the torch is snuffed.

    I say we all – everyone – boycott the olympics. No TV, no news, nothing.

  6. 6
    jim Says:

    I think our athletes should bring as many pamphlets as possible hidden in their equipment for distribution in China. The inscription will defend the Falung Gong who have been mercilessly brutalized over the years.What could China do? Throw out Canada, to their own embarrasment?

  7. 7
    Maleware Says:

    All athletes, audience and politicians should boycott Beijing.

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