Today in Quebec (and in Nova Scotia) the law banning hand-held car phones goes into effect. The penalty for using a hand-held phone will be $100. It is hoped this will promote vigilance among drivers and reduce accidents and deaths on the roads.

Some critics say the law does not go far enough. Hands-free phones will still be permitted in Quebec. But studies show that the real problem is the degree of distraction whether the phone is hands-held or hands-free.

Raymond Marchand of the Canada Safety Council says that « for many people, hands-free may be worse because some studies indicate people tend to talk longer with hands-free, don’t pull over to the right and don’t slow down. » Further, an exhaustive report by Quebec’s public health institute demonstrated that the use of any kind of car phone, whether hands-free or hands-held, is equally dangerous.

So why settle for half measures. Why not ban any use of phones in moving cars?

Do you agree?



  1. 1
    marlin Says:

    No, they should not. It is time for the winers to stop wining and keep the government out of our lives.

    Be accountable for your own actions, quit crying and pay attention.

  2. 2

    Marlin –

    Should the government put up STOP signs at intersections?

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. 3
    Chimera Says:

    I’m libertarian enough to want the government out of our lives on almost everything. Every time they try to wrap us all in cotton batting, I kick at them with cleats. I especially think they have no right to interfere with personal actions that govern personal safety issues.

    Personal safety issues.

    As in, I don’t think there should be any motorcycle helmet laws. If you want to risk your own life by not wearing a helmet, be my guest. It’s your head. If you don’t care enough to protect it, why should I care at all?

    But laws that are intended to protect other people from the stupidity of someone do have a place. And this cell phone ban is one such law.

    If you are distracted by your phone call and kill yourself in an accident, I’m not gonna cry. One more Darwin Award winner, that’s all. But if you kill someone else, that’s murder. Not manslaughter, but murder.

    Get rid of cellphones in the driver’s compartment. Maybe we could have the automakers build in a kill switch that will turn the things off at a certain proximity to the steering wheel. Or if the gear select lever is in any of the drive positions.

  4. 4

    Chimera –

    I think I have an interest in motorcycle drivers wearing helmets because I don’t want my health care dollars going to pay for fixing his or her injuries.

  5. 5
    Chimera Says:

    Neil, that’s the same point a lot of people make when they try to pass « for your own good » laws…that they don’t want their tax dollars being spent in « fixing » those who err.

    I, too, have a long list of things on which I don’t want my tax dollars being spent. Do you think anyone is going to listen to us?

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