On his flight to Washington Pope Benedict told the media that he was « deeply ashamed » over sexual abuse scandals in the United States. He said it was difficult for him to understand how priests could betray their calling in this way.

It is interesting the Pope blamed American priests but said nothing about the many bishops (most of them still in office) who did their very best to protect pedophile priests from the law.  The bishop of Boston, Cardinal Bernard Law, did in fact resign.  He was then summoned to Rome and promoted.

Some victim groups   raised this point yesterday. They also complained they are sick and tired of more apologies from church authorities even if in this case it is the Pope himself. What they want is action including the removal of a number of bishops.

Perhaps a good place to start would be a meeting of the Pope and some of the clergy abuse victims before he leaves next Sunday. Such a meeting would have a dramatic healing quality that would far exceed another apology. A meeting between Benedict and the victims might well begin to bring final closure to the biggest clergy sex scandal in the history of the church in America.

Do you agree?



  1. 1
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    A healing circle, American Indian style, could help. However I doubt Benedict’s capablilty to bend the protocol enough for that. Just another ring kissing and an extra benediction will not suffice. Real sanctions against the abusers and their protectors would mean a lot more and have some healing effect even though some of those scars will never go away.

  2. 2
    Cornelius T. Zen Says:

    Good morrow, all! Unless Benny The Jet acts to root out and defrock all those priests who abused children, and their protectors, who implicitly supported that abominable behavior, his rhetoric holds no water.
    « With great power comes great responsibility » Now, where have we heard that before? CTZen

  3. 3
    Joe Agnost Says:

    « Real sanctions against the abusers and their protectors… »

    Instead he’s done (just about) the opposite… The biggest offender in the U.S. scandal cover-up was Bernard Law. He was head of the Boston archdiocese and was shown to have covered-up crimes/rapes, transferred rapists to other parishes, lied to other bishops so they would take the rapists out of his parish, etc…

    The most vile of men – and what did the vatican do?? They gave him a sweet job in vatican city. He’s living the high life in Rome when he should be in jail.

    It’s just another reason to hate the RCC… they only want to save their own skin and cover their asses. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  4. 4
    Joe Agnost Says:

    I guess it’s easy to see why Bernard Law was given the job in Rome… he was only following vatican rules when he kept breaking the law. If they hung him out to dry they would be hanging themselves out to dry too. Better to keep him safe in rome where nobody can get to him.

    So much for wanting to help the victims!

  5. 5
    jim Says:

    There is something unreal about B16. When he was at the head of the congregation of the faith he arranged that all priests involved with limp wrist fondling were to be investigated by him and his chamber.Well to my knowledge he hasn’t bounced any of these yoyos from that time until now for over 10 years. The one exception is when he was trapped when he was about to get the machinary rolling to put up Father Marcial Maciel, founder of the Catholic Legionaires, for sainthood. The Mexicans said don’t do it.. The pope knew it for 10 years that this hippocrite was king of the paedophiles. So they put him out to pasture. Then there is the scandal in Cornwall Ontario where the bishop and many priests were involved in payola to cover up a child mauling ring. The trial has been going on for years with disgusting coverups. B16 and the papal nuncio in Ottawa have not bounced anyone to date. And now in Washington he has the audacity to promise that he is going to make changes in the future. The future my ass, get rid of those yoyos who are acting up NOW.

  6. 6
    John Says:

    I’m with Jim. I’m a teacher. In the years I was active in my profession I realized I had a relationship of trust with those young people and if I breached that trust I would lose the right to ever call myself a teacher again.

    The fact (to my knowledge) that there has never actually been a priest (or bishop) fired for any of this boggles the mind. As they say, talk is cheap.

    Because most of what happens in Catholicism is deigned to be inspired by God, perhaps they’re afraid that firing a priest would be seen as some kind of admission that God made a mistake…….which would of course further weaken the foundation of their human authority which is built on an already tenuous link to an all-knowing being.

  7. 7
    Cornelius T. Zen Says:

    Good morrow, all!
    Joe: Do not hate the RCC. That kind of thinking makes the devil redundant, if not altogether unnecessary. Benny 16 may be afraid that if he begins to root out the paedophiles, he may unleash a whirlwind of abuse allegations and uncover a hornet’s nest of priestly evils to make Pandora’s Box look like a basket of Easter eggs.
    It is the responsibility of the HRCAC to set the example of Christian faith, hope and charity for all mankind. Instead, Holy Mother Church has become the prime example of the ultimate corporation bent on drinking its own bathwater.
    Thus, it behooves individual Christians of all denominations to ignore their leaders, and follow the example of Christ, and be honest and kind IN SPITE OF what we see happening within the ranks of established states and religions. After all, is that not what Christ did? CTZen

  8. 8
    Joe Agnost Says:

    « Joe: Do not hate the RCC. That kind of thinking makes the devil redundant »

    Well, the devil is a fictional character so I’m not sure how it’s relevant.

    I suppose « hate » might not be the right word. How about dislike with a passion? 🙂
    I don’t hate catholics BTW, just the cult they belong to.

    « Benny 16 may be afraid that if he begins to root out the paedophiles, he may unleash a whirlwind of abuse allegations and uncover a hornet’s nest of priestly evils to make Pandora’s Box look like a basket of Easter eggs. »

    I’m not sure whether you find this ‘excuse’ OK or not. I think it’s just underlining the very point that the RCC is a corrupt corporation hell bent on controlling as many people as possible and scared to death of losing relevance and followers.

    Instead of doing the right thing they continue to cover-up and reward the evil… it’s disgusting.

    « After all, is that not what Christ did? »

    Who knows?? If you’re talking about the carpender that likely lived 2000 years ago you might have a point… but if you’re talking about the fictional character written about in a fictional book (the bible) then I’d say you’re out to lunch!

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