So finally Senator Obama came to life and threw his erstwhile pastor under the bus.

Yet it was only a short time ago that Obama said he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could disown his grandmother. (Is she next?)

So what happened? What happened was that Rev. Wright went public, sucked up all the oxygen and sideswiped the Obama campaign. Can’t have that. So they dumped him lock stock and barrel.

The real question is not that Obama gave Wright the heave-ho but that he didn’t do it sooner. Surely the Senator who chose Wright as his pastor for 20 years should have seen how dangerous Wright might be to his presidential campaign. Why didn’t Obama repudiate Wright a long time ago? Good question.

And it raises another question. If Obama really wants to be president why doesn’t he fight for it tooth and nail? Instead he is so laid back he sometimes seems indolent.

For example when the ABC moderators asked him why he didn’t wear an American flag pin, he floundered and fumbled trying to answer. Instead he might have fought back directly. « Why aren’t you guys wearing pins. Why isn’t Hillary. » Get off the fence and go on the attack.

In a word, be more like Hillary. She is the happy warrior. She’s hungry. She’s ready to slug it out. (Incidentally, whom do you think would make the better candidate this fall against McCain?) Hillary gets up off the mat and glows as though she is enjoying herself. Sometimes Obama seems almost bored. He’s looking wan and tired.

Do you agree that Obama must get in there and fight back?

And if he doesn’t he could lose this thing?



  1. 1
    Rey Says:

    Yes, Obama doesn’t seem to enjoy a good fight like the other candidates do. And unfortunately for Obama, we may very well need a president that loves fighting, especially with so much fighting going around these days.

  2. 2
    Chimera Says:

    Rey, the problem is that you’ve already got a president who loves fighting so much that he provokes other people into doing it for him so he can watch.

  3. 3
    Rey Says:

    @Chimera: Good point! So, should we be worried about McCain and Hillary, who are both like well-tuned fighting machines?

    McCain has been through it with his service in Vietnam. And more recently, he smiled when he said that he’ll « follow Bin Laden through the Gates of Hell. » So he’s definitely ready for any future fights. And Hillary thinks about fighting so much, she even fantasized about sniper fire. Unlike Condoleezza Rice and the rest of the Bush Administration, Hillary has the imagination to plan for the worst.

  4. 4

    Rey: –

    My concern is that if Obama does not fight hard for the nomination, how hard will he fight in the fall against McCain?

    Great to hear from you.

  5. 5
    Barbara Says:

    I think he fights pretty hard, Neil. He’s a rational combattant. I find that refreshing. If he isn’t fighting, how come everything Hillary Rove Clinton throws at him bounces off? Polls give him the lead over her again nationally. Superdelegates are inching towards him. The only ones who have deserted the Obama camp, from what I have read, are Republicans! Independents haven’t deserted him. You underestimate the revulsion many Americans feel toward Rovian politics.
    From all I read, the Republicans are more worried about facing Obama. I don’t think they know how to handle his kind of politics. Hillary, on the other hand, reads from the same hymn book as they do.

  6. 6


    Well, you may be right. I still admire the way Hillary gets up off the mat and carries on. As for Obama, he seems to hover above the fray. Will that work in November? We’ll see.

  7. 7
    John Says:

    Neil, I find it difficult to admire what Hillary is doing. If she is not successful in what she is doing, she will have done irreparable damage to her party. If she is successful, it means she has been able to use the system to circumvent the will of the people. Either way, I find it less than admirable.

  8. 8
    Barbara Says:

    Hillary is tireless, I admit that. As Colbert put it, if you cut her head off, she will come crawling at you.

  9. 9


    Is this (and the references to Hillary Rove Clinton) an example of the new political vocabulary recommended to his followers by Obama?

  10. 10
    Barbara Says:

    No, Neil. I picked them up elsewhere on the Internet. They are based on the opinion of a number of political commentators who see similarities between the tactics of Hillary Clinton and Karl Rove. She is unscrupulous and she panders like an old time politico.

  11. 11


    One person’s old time politico is another person’s happy warrior.

  12. 12
    Barbara Says:


  13. 13
    Rey Says:

    Overall, Hillary does speak clearly, directly, and forcefully. In contrast — unless he’s giving a well-prepared speech — Obama tends to stumble through his responses.

    But I do think Barbara has a point. Despite Obama’s shortcomings, it’s amazing that he’s been able to withstand these attacks against his character/judgment. Any lesser candidate (e.g. John Kerry) would surely have been rendered irrelevant by now.

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