New figures from Great Britain suggest marriage in in steep decline.

If present trends continue, one in 10 marriages will end in five years and a staggering 45 per cent of couples will divorce. In fact, marriage is at its lowest level of popularity since records began in 1962. Now 43 per cent of children are born to mothers who are unwed and 2.2 million people cohabit. Seventy per cent of Britishers think there is nothing the matter with sex before marriage. I t would also seem that the highest rate of marriage is among the more affluent.

Figures also suggest that the married state brings the most benefits – better health, longer life, better sex, greater earnings for men and better outcomes for children. Women benefit as much as men.

So why are so many younger less affluent people eschewing marriage altogether?

The reason I hear most often personally is what is important is your commitment, not a piece of paper or a formal ceremony. Either you have the commitment or you don’t. If you do, a marriage certificate adds nothing to it; and if you don’t, a marriage certificate won’t help anyway.

A Catholic marriage consultant in London, seems to agree with the above: « If commitment, consent and covenant are present in a relationship, if promiscuity is missing and there’s a spiritual aspect to the commitment, doesn’t that have a real value too? »

Do you believe marriage is on the rocks?

Does a certificate or a ceremony add anything to a mature commitment? (Perhaps it should be noted that cohabitations have a much higher break-up rate than marriages).



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    Chimera Says:

    I don’t think marriage is in trouble so much as it’s finally finding its proper level in the grand scheme of things.

    It was a concept invented to align political ties and consolidate property holdings. It has no other practical applications. What is practised today as marriage is simply a nod to emotional and cultural conventions. It’s not necessary to all, and it’s actually an obstruction to some.

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    Peter LeBlanc Says:

    As A Roman Catholic, I believe in the Sacrament of Marriage. A Sacrament is a ritual that heightens the awareness of the people involved that something serious and religious is about to take place. Invoking Gods presence to impart some of His life energy to sustain the commitment.

    That doesnt mean that sometimes people dont fail in their commitment. It simply means that the better part of people prefer to have one partner.

    All relationships whether short or long, when there is love and respect have value.

    They all symbolize the everylasting commitment of love God has to all of His human family.

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    Dear Neil,

    Please forward your email. I wrote somthing that might interest you.

    John Walsh

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