Why in the world are we commemorating this weekend an elderly woman who died more than a century ago? It’s true that Queen Victoria reigned for 64 years but in 2008 when more Canadians than ever want to cut all ties with the monarchy, isn’t it high time we ditched the Victoria day weekend (the name, not the holiday)? The English themselves don’t celebrate Victoria day.

Couldn’t we come up with another name that reflects our hard-won identity as a sovereign nation? A couple have been suggested: Founders Day, Macdonald-Cartier Day.

But if we can’t bring ourselves to call it Macdonald-Cartier Day, because, after all, they were both Conservatives and white males and politicians and one (Macdonald) got soused a lot, and because, after all, they were only representatives of « settlers » who arrived from afar, why not call it Aboriginal Day, in commemoration of those who predated the settlers.

Do you agree it’s high time we dropped the title Victoria Day?

Do you have any thoughts about what we might rename this holiday weekend?



  1. 1
    Chimera Says:

    Not « Aboriginal Day. » Not until we’ve removed all the segregationisms built into our system and declared full citizenship, full rights, and no special privileges or circumstances.

  2. 2
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Identity Day would be nice. A day, from ocean, to ocean, to ocean, to Southern border when all Canadians regardless of origin have a look at who they are, where they come from and where they are going. July 1st is a celebration of Canada, Identity Day would a celebration of us as individuals belonging to a diversity of origins, cultures and value systems trying to come to grips with creating a new reality named Canada a country in constant evolution and creating itself each day.
    As for the Aboriginals, Chimera, they don’t want to swallowed by us. They want their own land, administered by them, they want a say in the exploitation of their land’s resources. Two goode examples of this: in BC, the Nisga’a treaty land, in Québec The new Nunanvik regional government and the special status it creates, more than a municipal administration but short of a provincial governement. These are first steps in the right direction.

  3. 3
    Peter LeBlanc Says:

    I think Creation Day would be a great name. We are on the edge of an environmental crisis. We need to gauge our progress each year in a way that heightens our awareness of how much we can do to change the damage being done to our planet.

  4. 4


    I think Creation Day is a splendid idea.


  5. 5
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Neil, you will bring the wrath of all the Darwinists upon you but you will please Goergie boy.

  6. 6
    Chimera Says:

    « Creation Day? »

    What. pray tell, does that have to do with an environmental crisis?

    Better pick a name that won’t inflict so much whiplash, eh?

  7. 7
    Peter LeBlanc Says:

    Paul and Chimera, Creation Day suggests a « First Cause » It has no conflict with evolution, which is a scientific fact. The Pope believes that God planned the evolution of the species. As a Roman Catholic I agree.

    It could be promoted by Religious communities to set aside our differences and come together for the common cause against environmental degradation.

  8. 8
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Intellectually, Peter, I agree with you. However many people have gut reactions on this subject. Some schoolboards and even some state education departments have forbidden the teaching of evolution. It is not as « rassembleur » as one may think.

  9. 9
    Joe Agnost Says:

    « Some schoolboards and even some state education departments have forbidden the teaching of evolution. »

    Really? Which ones?

    Evolution is a fact… I know some school boards (in the U.S., not here) have allowed I.D. to be taught along with evolution, but they haven’t gotten rid of evolution entirely.
    Next they’re going to get astrology into the astronomy classes, and alchemy into chemistry class!! They’re building a highway to ignorance – and they’re happily doing it!

    I’ve never thought of the may long weekend as victoria day. If pressed, I might not have been able to come up with the right name. You see, in my neck of the woods they refer to the may long weekend as « may two four ». This is because we like drinking beer (24!) and the long weekend is always around May 24th. Victoria day?? Really? That’s what it’s called?

  10. 10
    Chimera Says:

    « It could be promoted by Religious communities to set aside our differences and come together for the common cause against environmental degradation. »

    First: What does religion — any religion — have to do with environmental anything?

    Second: Since those who actually practise their chosen religion (as opposed to simply having one to name for the sake of convenience) are by far in the minority among citizens of this country, your suggestion is not at all practical. It would simply alienate everyone who chooses a more secular life. If you want religions to get together for an ecumenical purpose, have them choose a day that’s not already taken, eh?

    No. Not « Creation Day. » We would need to choose a name that cannot be misunderstood so wilfully and so easily.

  11. 11
    littlepatti Says:

    The Province de Quebec, recently renamed Victoria Day. It is now Journee des Patriotes, commemorating a 200+ year old fracus.
    I think that « May holiday weekend » would be good. I had considered a name that brought to mind planting, raking and trimming, but for the past several years, it’s been too cold for that.
    That sort of answers my own question…everything gets out-dated and obsolete eventually, including the weather, the Queen, the Patriots, 🙂

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