It’s just a year ago this month that Madeleine McCann, aged four, disappeared while on a holiday to Portugal with her family. In spite of a massive international hunt she has not been seen since.

Now, on the firt anniversary of her vanishing, sites linked to the McCann case have become ghoulish tourist attractions.  A woman who lives next to the apartment where Madeleine disappeared, is horrified that the area is drawing crowds:  « It’s sick, you get loads of them.  Can you imagine wanting to come and do that?   They stand outside the apartment  with their children and  have photographs taken.  »  Then they troop over to the nearby tapas bar where  Kate and Gerry McCann  ate the night of Madeleine’s disappearance.

Gerry McCann, who recently spoke of the « torture upon torture » inflicted in the last 12 months, is said to find these crowds « offensive and hurtful. »

At this time last year both parents were under police suspicion for their role in the disappearance.  Kate and Gerry McCann are both medical doctors and devout Roman Catholics.

Do you think the McCann baby is alive or dead?

Was she murdered?


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