For about two weeks now Canada has been seen as a laughing stock around the world because of our Foreign Minister leaving top secret documents in his lover’s bedroom, the bed having been wired with a microphone.

Yesterday in Quebec City, Opposition Leader Stephane Dion demanded the RCMP be called in to investigate. He said issues of national security had arisen that could now be answered only through an independent public inquiry that would look at what precisely transpired between Mr. Bernier and his former partner, Julie Couillard, who had close relations with people linked to the Hells Angels biker gang.

Certainly there are enough unanswered questions to warrant an RCMP investigation:

Bernier asked the government to make Ms. Couillard his official companion for travel purposes. What sort of passport did Couillard travel on and why won’t the Harper government answer that simple question?

Why were the secret documents missing for five weeks apparently without the knowledge of Bernier or his department?

Did anyone else see the documents over the five-week period?

Should the Crown lay criminal charges against Bernier?

So far the Harper government says only that the Department of Foreign Affairs will investigate these matters. That’s like asking a student to mark his own exam.

This afternoon at Question Period, Harper will continue to stonewall.

Do you agree that the RCMP should be called in to investigate the Bernier-Couillard affair?



  1. 1
    Cornelius T. Zen Says:

    Good morrow, all!
    Imagine! A minister who takes his « work » home with him! (Shades of Yes, Minister!) The « pillow talk » must have been fascinating. (Okay, I’ll get a tattoo of Peter Mackay…how ’bout him snogging Condi Rice?)
    There’s careless, there’s brain-dead, then there’s Bernier. Two IQ points lower, and we could stand him in the corner and water him twice a week. You don’t need a RCMP inquiry, you need Jack Bauer.
    A radio pundit from the West Coast, one Rafe Mair, was heard to say, « In politics, you don’t need to be a ten to succeed. You can be a three, as along as everybody around you is a two. » Brilliant move, Mr. Harper. Surround yourself with people whose IQ’s match the winter temperatures in Tuktiyuktuk, and you look like Stephen Hawking. CTZen

  2. 2

    I thought you guys might enjoy this humourous take on the Bernier scandal:

  3. 3

    Will O’Neill:

    Thanks a million for sharing your humorous video with us.

  4. 4
    Chimera Says:

    Will, that was great! LOL!

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