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janvier 8, 2009

In  the last days of his presidency George Bush is doing what he can to save his legacy.  This means also doing what he can to honour those who followed him into the Iraq  disaster.   High am ong   these is  the former prime  minister of Australia,Joh  n Howard,

So Bush is arranging  for Howard and his wife to fly to Washington, to stay in the presidentiaL guest house, Hfor one night (January 12), then B ush will invite him o ver to the White and ;present him woth the prestigious Medal of Freedom.

There is a delicious irony here.  ,Howard,s unpopular goovernment has just australianbeen thrown out of office  and Howard lost his own  seat.Why  in the world would Howard want the Medal of Freedom when  the  Australian people have just given hi m the boot?  B ut   I digress.
Can you believe the reason the Obamas and their children were forced to go to a public  hotel where security wlould be  more difficult, was  because  Howard and his wife were goin g  to staY In Blair House (which has a hundred rooms) for  ONE night
it is hard to believe the  Bush people could be as small as this.
Do you  agree?