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janvier 9, 2009

Remember when the Bush White House refused to let the Obamas  use Blair House so t hey could start their girls to school  on time.  The Bush people said BlaIR house   was occupied.Now we kn ow the  whole miserable story. President Bush  wants to honour John  Howard, the former Australian Ptrime  Minister who joined Bush in the immoral and illegal wafr against Iraq.  Bush will fly  Howard and his wife to Washington, put them up in Blair  house for one  night (JAN. 12)  and present them with the Freedom Medal.

There is a delicious piece of iron y here.  Howards  government was just defeated and Howard lost his own seat in the election.  Why secufritywould Howard   wanto receive the Freedom Medal when the Australian psent;preeople have just given him the boot?   But I digres

Why would Bush force the Obamas and ther two little girls into a public hotel (where the security woulod be difficult )  f0r ONE night so that Bush could  present  medal to his war crony, Howard.Does this reveal how selfish and   miserable the Bush crowd is?
It  does to me.
What about you?