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·  Work: Standard Broadcasting

·  School:

  • University Of Toronto. 
  • University Of Michigan.

· Personal History: After leaving the Jesuits in 1970, I moved from Toronto to Montreal where I became host of a talk show, first in radio, then in TV.  The show dealt with current events, politics, morality and just plain fun (what would you do if you won the lottery?)  Over the years I had the opportunity to interview many of Canada’s political leaders. I am also the author of five books, two biographies, a memoir, a history of skiing and a murder mystery set in Montreal featuring some of the city’s finest restaurants.


§         My favorite film is Bridge over the River Kwai with Alec Guinness.

§         My favorite book is Brideshead Revisited by Eveyn Waugh.

§         My favorite TV series is the Sopranos.

§         I Iike good conversation, good food and arguing just for the hell of it.

§         My wife, Catharine, is my navigator and best friend. 

§         Throw in some golf, cross-country skiing, jazz and Mozart and that pretty well covers it for now.

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