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février 15, 2008

On at least half a dozen occasions, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the person most associated with abortions in Canada, has been nominated to receive the Order of Canada. But so far it has never happened.

Now a high profile group of Morgentaler’s friends and supporters are fed up and they plan to take the matter public. His secretary says the group will attempt to force the nomination of Dr. Morgentaler in a « last ditch effort. »

Clayton Ruby, a prominent civil rights and constitutional lawyer, says, « There are a lot of deserving people who don’t have the Order of Canada. But among them Henry stands out like a giant. It’s a monumental absence. »

The group is currently mounting a public campaign to convince Ottawa officials to present Dr. Morgentaler with the Order of Canada.

Do you agree Dr. Morgentaler should receive the Order of Canada?



février 14, 2008

For about 18 months Vanity Fair has been researching a story about a Vancouver man who claims to be the son of President John Kennedy. At the request of Senator Kennedy, they have held off publication temporarily.

Now the man, Jack Worthington, 46, has discussed his claims with The Globe and Mail. He says his mother’s family, living in Texas, did political work for Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy’s vice-president. He says Johnson introduced his mother to Kennedy.

Jack Worthington says he has no interest in hitting the Kennedys up for money. All he wants is that the Kennedy family provide DNA samples so tests could be run to see if there is a match.

There are some remarkable coincidences in this case: The President was assassinated on young Jack Worthington’s second birthday – in Texas where the Worthingtons lived. And those who have seen him remark on his striking resemblance to Mr. Kennedy.

Do you think it likely that President Kennedy (among his many affairs) sired a son now living in Vancouver?


février 13, 2008

Every poll taken in this country shows that, if they had the choice, Canadians would support Hillary Clinton for president. But most events in the States suggest Americans probably won’t.

The fact is the wheels are falling off the vaunted Clinton political machine. Some of her top people are bailing out of their positions. Obama has just won eight contests without a response. Bill is being muzzled and the prospects look bleak.

There is no silver lining on this cloud till we get to Texas and Ohio in March. Hillary must win both to stay in the race. Problem is Obama is now cutting into her base of white women and even Hispanics. I would guess Hillary’s chances of winning both those March states are no better than 50-50. And if she loses one of them she is a goner.

Do you think Hillary is heading towards defeat?

Do you agree she would have made a superb president?